E-Z Reference Guide

USGA Situation Penalty Relief
17 Ball in Penalty Area 1 Not nearer hole, 1 club length from reference point. Drop
19 Unplayable Lie 1 2 Club Lengths. Drop
6.3 Hitting Wrong Ball 2 Must replace ball where it was. Strokes played on wrong ball do not count, Drop
16 Abnormal Conditions-Casual water, ground under repair, embedded ball, animal hole 0 Nearest point of complete relief, 1 club length, or as needed not nearer hole, Drop. Except on green you place it
Grounding Club in Bunker 2 Touch sand in bunker w/club, hand, rake, practice swing, backswing before shot
Against lip in bunker, unplayable lie in bunker 2 Relief outside bunker back-on-the-line relief,1 club length. Drop
16.1 Ball or Feet on Cartpath 0 1 Club length "or you can play it as it lies". Drop
14.3b Drop Knee height, must land in an area usually 1 or 2 club lengths of drop area.
Situation Penalty Relief/Other
PCC Out of Bounds
League Rule
1 2 Club lengths from where it went out of bounds. Holes 2,3,14,17 Drop.
PCC Hole #13-Ball
League Rule
1 Play 3rd Shot from marked area. Drop
PCC Lost Ball
League Rule
1 Where you think it was lost, Drop. No Provisional ball.