Membership Rules

pin Membership Rules

1. League Membership – Tournament play is restricted to league members in good standing. League membership is capped at 40 Players.

2. League Dues – It is important that dues are paid timely, on a First Come/First Serve basis. Annual membership is confirmed when receipt of membership application and dues are acknowledged by the Treasurer.

3. Returning Members – Annual membership application and dues ($40) should be submitted prior to our annual league kickoff meeting (the last Tuesday in March).

4. Potential Members – Potential members may play once without joining, but may not participate in the tournament held that day. Potential members whose golf play has been evaluated and approved during a trial round with an Executive Board Member, and who are able to personally post golf scores on the league’s Handicomp website, must submit an application and pay the annual dues prior to officially becoming a league member. (Refer to Bylaws Article III – Membership, for details.)