Tournament Rules

1. There must be a minimum of 8 players to fulfill weekly tournament requirements.

2. The Tournament Committee will make an announcement each week regarding the tournament rules for the day, course conditions, and (if needed) play during rain.

3. Each player is responsible for keeping her own scorecard and the scorecard of one other player in the same group. All cards must be signed, attested, and submitted to the tournament committee at the end of the round. If a scorer and the player being scored cannot agree on a score, do not sign the card but bring the matter to the attention of a Tournament Chairperson upon completion of the round. All scores must be personally posted on Handicomp following league play. Repeated failure to turn in scorecards and/or posting of scores on Handicomp may result in a player's membership being revoked.

4. Please put your name, flight, and handicap on the top of your scorecard. If you are keeping putts, record them on the line above your score. Keep your score on the line directly above the Seniors/Forward Par line.

5. Before beginning play, ensure that no one in your group is using an identical ball. Always be sure that you are hitting your own ball. There is a two (2) stroke penalty for hitting the wrong ball, and the mistake must be rectified by hitting the correct ball from the correct spot.

6. During all league play a player may obtain distance information from a device that measures distance only. These devices may be shared by other players.

7. Bunkers - Follow USGA Rules pertaining to sand play. Also, USGA Rules now permit removal of loose impediments in the bunker.

8. Lost Ball - If your ball is lost or goes out of bounds, drop another ball at the approximate spot where the original ball was lost or went out of bounds. You must count the stroke you took plus a penalty stroke. Never look for a lost ball for more than 3 minutes.

9. Leaf Rule - May be invoked by a Tournament Chairperson during the fall season. If a ball is lost in leaves, and except for the leaves it likely would have been found, a second ball may, without penalty, be dropped and played from the point where the first ball was presumed lost.

10. Fairway Rule - If the ball is in your own fairway, it may be moved with your club a maximum of six (6) inches not nearer the hole.

11. Once a player reaches a green, every stroke thereafter is to be counted as a putt, even if the ball later rolls off the green.

12. If, during the play of any hole, you have taken 10 strokes and your ball is not yet in the cup, you MUST pick up your ball and move on to the next hole. Based on that specific days tournament description, (Examples: "net scores", "criss cross", "criers") you may potentially be disqualified by the Tournament Committee for that day's tournament.

Scorecard directions: Circle the 10 on your scorecard if you had to pick up the ball because the 10th stroke did not go into the cup; no circle if the score was a legitimate 10, i.e., the ball was in the cup on the 10th stroke.

13. Gimmies: To speed up the pace of play, we encourage conceded putts (gimmies) when the ball is within 2 putter blade length from the cup. A conceded putt is a stroke. Once the putt is conceded, it cannot be refused or withdrawn. Gimmies can be given for any stroke regardless of final score; ie, bogie(s), par, birdie, or eagle. A conceded putt is not allowed during the Club Championship rounds.

14. Holes # 10 and # 14: If there is no possible hitting area when your ball overshoots the green and runs toward the canal, you may drop the ball anywhere you find a decent hitting area, off to the side of the green is permissible, but no closer to the pin. There is a one (1) stroke penalty.

15. Hole # 13: If your tee shot does not go over the canal, you must drop a ball in the designated area on the other side of the canal. You will be hitting your 3rd shot. If your tee shot is lost on the other side of the canal, you must use the drop area. You will be hitting your 3rd shot. If the ball lands in an unplayable lie, you may take relief or use the drop area. You will be hitting your 3rd shot.

16. If there is a question on a rule, play what you believe is correct and seek a ruling later from a Tournament Chairperson.

League Awards

17. The Tournament Committee reviews all scorecards and records each weeks tournament scores. A point system determines the amount of money awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place weekly winners.

18. Appropriate awards are presented at the close of the season at our October Luncheon for the Club Championships, Ringers, and Most Improved Golfers.

19. In order to qualify for the Club Championship, Ringers, or Most Improved Golfer: You MUST post all of your scores and you MUST turn in all of your PCCWGL scorecards, even if you play fewer than 18 holes. AND you MUST play at least 60% of scheduled events that were actually played through the 3rd week of September in order to qualify.

20. For Club Championship: There are 3 championship rounds played, one each in June, July, and August. Winners are determined based on the best 2 out of 3 scores for gross and for net for flight A and flight B. If flight is changed, winners will be determined by the length of time in that flight. A member who has played in only two championship rounds would still be eligible to win. A conceded putt is not allowed during the Club Championship rounds. All putts must be holed.

Note: Some of these rules have been adopted out of necessity in order to speed up play on a busy public golf course and are exceptions to the USGA Rules of Golf. USGA Rules apply in all situations not covered in these rules.

These league rules only apply during league play. At all other times follow USGA Rules.

Golf Etiquette

1. Always be ready to tee off at your scheduled tee time.

2. Playing "Ready Golf" means the first person who is ready to hit, hits their ball. Do this whether on the tee box or elsewhere.

3. Maintaining pace of play requires keeping up with the group ahead of your group.

4. Ask someone in your group to help spot your ball, noting its distance and location.

5. When riding in a cart, drop off a partner at their ball, then go to your ball and get ready to hit.

6. When leaving your cart, take a few extra clubs and prepare for your next shot(s).

7. When a ball is lost, hit your shot first before offering to help search for another golfer's ball.

8. Count all your strokes; a whiff is a stroke and a conceded putt (gimme) is a stroke.

9. When you are in the wrong fairway, give the right of way to those playing in their own fairway.

10. Rake the bunker after hitting your ball out.

11. Never leave your hand or power cart in front of the green.

12. When you mark your ball on the putting green, place your marker directly behind the ball before picking it up.

13. Continuous putting is encouraged; i.e., after your first stroke, follow it up with your second (or third) stroke.

14. Leave the green immediately after putting. Mark your scorecard at the next tee.

A thoughtful golfer avoids disturbing others with loud talk, or standing directly behind someone hitting or putting, or walking or creating a shadow on another golfer's putting line.